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Stan is the founder and president of Fidel Communications Company, Inc, specializing in Marketing  and Sales Training.  His background spans over 40  years of intensive sales, sales support, and marketing activities. Companies Stan worked for include New York Telephone Co., IBM, NCR, Singer and Penn Mutual. In the process, he has been exposed to the best training programs in the world, and has incorporated the very best techniques and psychological discoveries into his company’s training.

Since 1979, he has created and refined over  500 marketing and  telemarketing programs for companies in a variety of industries from insurance to computers. In addition, he has conducted sales training seminars with an emphasis in telephone techniques and non-verbal and verbal communication. Clients include  Sequent Corp. (now a division of IBM),  Connecticut Mutual, Security Life of Denver, New York Life, Merrill Lynch, Pannell Kerr Forster, Arthur Andersen and many other smaller and medium-sized companies. He has made a system out of the marketing process that is guaranteed to increase his clients' sales.  

Fidel's book "Start Up Telemarketing," published by John Wiley & Sons, is  the leading telemarketing book in the industry.  It has also been translated and released in Europe.  His cassette and workbook program, "Get All You Want", is a  concise compilations of advanced techniques any salesman or telemarketer can use. The video has received high marks from people like Brian Tracy, Marvin Feldman, Bill MacDonald and other million dollar sales professionals.  His book, “All Star Selling,” shares skills acquired during his last 34 years in business.  His online course and book, "Ten Minute Selling" is co-authored with Moe Abdou and theatens to change modern selling

Stan has spoken at the MDRT Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He has been selected as a speaker on the subject of Telemarketing for programs sponsored by Ad Week, The Direct Marketing Club of Los Angeles, Telemarketing West, Sales and Marketing Executives of Los Angeles, and the Data Base Marketing Association.


Another side to Stan Fidel is his creative writing ability. He has recently finished writing a musical play and is currently working on another musical and a self-help book, based on the hidden teachings of the Bible. If you saw the Walt Disney Film, "The Fox and the Hound," you heard Stan's theme song lyric, "The Best of Friends." It was the theme song for the movie.

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“It took us a year, but we have generated $23,000,000 in life insurance, with commissions well over $300,000. What your system does for us is crack open areas we wouldn’t ordinarily get to.” Richard Tanner, Ownership Advisors (M Financial Group)

“… an average of 1.3 appointments per week, which brought in several new clients. One case generated $300,000 in revenue and $40,000 per year of recurring revenue. A second client generated $150,000 in revenue plus an additional $100,000 per year of recurring revenue.” Carlos H. Lowenberg, Lowenberg Wealth Management Group

“We have been at it three months and at this point in time we have 35 appointments, over $21,000 in submitted premiums and a lot of other items in the mill, such as 401k plans and various items.”  Wendall R. Smith, Financial Planning Concepts, Inc.