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Do You Need To Attract More Good Customers?

The Over-the-Top Marketing Solution will help you develop a unique message that sets you apart. 

Then we take that message and use it to drive people to your website or simply call you.  If you need a good website, we'll build one for you.  

In addition, we assist you to convert the emailers and callers to buyers.

Our services are Affordable and Guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.  We've been working with companies of all sizes and industries since 1979.

Call: 800-653-4335

email: stan@themarketingandsellingcoach.com

“It took us a year, but we have generated $23,000,000 in life insurance, with commissions well over $300,000. What your system does for us is crack open areas we wouldn’t ordinarily get to.” Richard Tanner, Ownership Advisors (M Financial Group)

“… an average of 1.3 appointments per week, which brought in several new clients. One case generated $300,000 in revenue and $40,000 per year of recurring revenue. A second client generated $150,000 in revenue plus an additional $100,000 per year of recurring revenue.” Carlos H. Lowenberg, Lowenberg Wealth Management Group

“We have been at it three months and at this point in time we have 35 appointments, over $21,000 in submitted premiums and a lot of other items in the mill, such as 401k plans and various items.”  Wendall R. Smith, Financial Planning Concepts, Inc.